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Scattering or Interment of Ashes

You can scatter or inter your loved one's ashes at a time that you choose following cremation. Some people do it soon after whilst others wait until a time that they feel ready or perhaps keep ashes to be scattered with those of a partner when the time comes.

I can work with you to create a service in line with your wishes, with or without religious content and wherever you choose. This service can include as many people as you want or, I can do the scattering on your behalf.

The choice of things to do with ashes is huge from scattering at sea, on a favourite walk, under a tree in your garden to firing them off in a rocket. Let me know what you would like to do and I will create a bespoke ceremony to suit you and your loved one.

You might like to keep some ashes and create a beautiful keepsake. These come in all sorts of designs including candle holders, photo frames, paperweights and jewellery.


Clear Meadow Jewellery are based in Huddersfield and create beautiful resin ash jewellery and keepsakes at affordable prices:


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