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A Few Things to Think About



Many people choose to have several pieces of music at a funeral, if you choose to do so, but don't know where to begin, here are a few ideas:

  • a favourite hymn

  • a special song to walk in to

  • a significant piece of music to be played with an audio-visual presentation of family photographs

  • a piece of music to listen to during quiet reflection

  •  a much- loved song to end the service

  • members of the family or friends performing


Tributes can be made by anyone and read by whoever you wish. I am happy to read other people's tributes or take over from then during the service if necessary. Here are some tribute ideas;

  • readings by friends, family or colleagues

  • a eulogy

  • an open mike session with refreshments following the service

  • a child's poem

Involving Children

Deciding whether a child should attend a funeral is a personal choice and will depend on a number of factors. This page from Bereavement Advice has some useful advice.

If children are attending, you might want to help them take part in the service. Here are some ideas:

  • reading poems

  • showing pictures they have made

  • playing a musical instrument or singing

  • placing flowers near the coffin or a photograph


Other Ceremony Ideas

There is no set format for a funeral service and I will endeavour to include whatever ideas you might have. Here are a few:

  • Laying flowers on or near the coffin

  • Putting messages on the coffin

  • Candle lighting  (where venue allows)

  • Taking a flower as you leave.


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