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Creating the Funeral Service


When you are ready to plan a funeral, you can either contact me directly or ask your funeral director to do so.

I will then arrange to come and visit you in your home or if that isn't suitable we can Skype, Facetime or telephone.

This appointment will usually last between 1.5 and 2 hours. I will ask it to be at a time when as many people who wish to contribute to the service can be there as possible but can also liaise with others by email and phone according to your wishes.

It is always advisable that you have someone who can stay with you for a while after my visit as it can be an emotional time and you may need some support after.

During the meeting I will ask you about the person who the service is for and your memories of them; their interests; family; significant life events; funny stories etc. We will also talk about the different elements of the service itself.


With your guidance I will create a unique tribute and farewell for your loved one.

I will ask you about any music you would like and can offer suggestions if you are unsure.

You might wish to have special readings or poems read and again if you are unsure I can supply examples for you to look at. These can be read by members of the family or friends or I can read them on your behalf.

We will discuss any religious or spiritual content you might want.

I can write and read a eulogy or offer advice if someone else wants to do this.

You might want to include other elements in the ceremony; we can discuss these and any other ideas you might have.

Following our meeting I will write the service and then ask you to approve it and make any amendments you want. You can contact me at anytime before the funeral to discuss any changes or concerns. I will also liaise with the Funeral Director throughout this time.

On the day of the funeral I will greet you at the venue and then lead the service.

Following the funeral, if you wish, I will send you a commemorative copy of the funeral script for you to keep.

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